What’s Missing from Your Resume?

Your Life Story


I’ve always wondered what it means

Courage and Curiosity

My mom raised four children all by herself
7 years of dedication in the mountains

Chapter One: Freedom vs Conformity

Expressing your freedom to be unique or conforming with everyone else?

Turning Liabilities into Assets

Grey Areas

“Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey
bb (left) is green lights & full gas, while budaH is more cautious watching out for red lights

Chapter Two: Getting to the Big Island

Kona is the big island hosting the big race each October introduced by the Gatorade slogan, “If You Have To Ask, You’ll Never Understand”

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

This is why I got hooked on triathlon

Energy & Balance

Mark Allen, Santa Cruz surfer able to adapt and balance in the face of adversity. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Work / Life Balance

Jami racing in the world championships in Austria
Netflix boasted unlimited PTO (not really). We also thought AWS was unlimited in 2008 (click here).

Chapter Three: Motorcycle Crashes Wake You Up

Achieving my childhood dream at age 52


Unravel the Mystery by developing “feel” with Rich Oliver

Finding My Mojo

Rich demonstrates how to flow
Fear prevents growth.
Rich runs 2-day Fun Camps to 5-day Pro Camps and everything in between
Hero-to-zero in the blink of an eye!
Didn’t do it. Presentation to Nike.

Best Practices

I got a coach. Just Do It.

Focus On What’s Holding You Back

The brakes only slow you down
What time is it?
Setting a high bar against MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo’s legendary consistency

Racers Need to Develop Their Sensitivity

Going through the Attitudes in 2018 MotoAmerica Championship of Utah
Having fun spinning the tire at the 2019 MotoAmerica Championship of Utah!
Racing through wine country flanked by California locals in the 2019 MotoAmerica Championship of Sonoma
My advice to California at the 2014 Big Data Conference

Chapter Four: Teamwork

Visit us at Team JaS Racing


Jami steering the rear like #69
The Team JaS Racing

We retired in 2019. Jami’s dad Al was our biggest supporter — sadly, he passed in January of 2021. His booming voice always brought us back from the dead for final kick! We miss him deeply :(


Al Andrews (Jami’s dad) was our biggest supporter

Who Are Your Heroes?



Adventures from navigating life’s chicanes

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